Best Big Man Chairs For Living Room

Best Big Man Chairs For Living Room

In this article, we have reviewed the Best Big Man Chairs For Living Room. If you are in a hurry, check our top ones. 

If you are a big man, you are all too familiar with the difficulty of finding a comfortable seat. You take a seat only to discover that you either:

  1. do not fit in the chair
  2. fit in an uncomfortable manner

Not to mention that some chairs have a weight limit that they can withstand before breaking down. Most recliner chairs have some sort of limitation, which can be a major issue for large men. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of seating options for larger men, and even if you’re taller than 6’2 and weigh more than 250 pounds, you’ll be able to sit comfortably in an oversized, big, and tall recliner.

What Are the Functions of Big And Tall Recliners?

Big and tall recliners are used to replace ordinary chairs that do not provide all-around support for large and tall people. If you’re a bigger guy who needs a higher weight capacity, or if you’re too tall to fit in a standard chair, it’s time to upgrade. 

The main chair in your living room is a recliner. It’s a chair where you can unwind after work by watching television, surfing the internet, or even napping. The recliner is used daily, and it is the most expensive piece of furniture in your living room. 

The right recliner can improve your quality of life by improving your health and making you more comfortable. A large and tall recliner must accomplish two tasks:

Fit into your space 

The recliner should be the same size as your living room and have the same interior design elements. Calculate at least 3 feet behind the recliner to ensure a full recline – this is to keep the recliner from touching the wall, as recliners are not always “wall huggers.”

Consider your height and weight 

The recliner should provide coverage that extends beyond your basic needs. You can choose them on a whim if you weigh up to 250 pounds – but many recliners can support up to 500 pounds, so choose according to your needs. They are all appropriate for people over 6 feet tall.

The Advantages of Big and Tall Recliners

Big and tall recliners can withstand weights of up to 500 pounds and provide full-body coverage for tall people. If you are 6’5, you will most likely have difficulty finding a chair that covers the length of your legs and head. 

While most people weighing more than 200 pounds would be uncomfortable in standard-sized chairs. They must understand that a chair is designed to support their full weight plus additional weight and that the chair’s length is greater than their height for tall men. 

Big and tall recliners are designed to accommodate both tall and large people. They’re incredibly comfortable. Even people recovering from surgeries who have special medical needs find them almost as convenient as a reclining sofa.

Support for up to 500 pounds

Tall and large recliners can comfortably support men weighing up to 500 pounds. Baseline sturdy materials ensure weight distribution with internal amortization, providing high comfort and movement support. If you’re a big person who likes to move around in your chair, you’ll need a chair that can support your entire range of motion and weight.

Height Up to 7 ft.

Most tall and large recliners are designed for men who are at least 6 feet tall. They provide full coverage for the head, legs, and sides, which are areas that men often overlook when sitting in regular chairs. A male over 6’4 tall, for example, would usually have his head resting above the tip of a regular chair. 

This indicates that they do not have complete head support. Tall and large recliners are designed to accommodate a tall person’s full height and provide additional space. On this type of recliner, the same tall man would have adequate head coverage and more space.

Can Be Used By The Entire Family

Children and even dogs can use tall people’s recliners. They are extremely comfortable, and everyone can take advantage of the benefits. The main distinction is that they are larger than regular recliners.

Extremely comfortable

These recliners are more comfortable than a standard sofa or chair in the living room. The most comfortable recliners are those that are large and tall. Because of the combination of internal amortization, premium cushioning, and padding, this is the case. 

They offer the most comfortable chair experience available. Recliners are useful for more than just sitting. They can recline, making them an excellent choice for any living room. 

Many include technological features such as USB integration, massages, swivel treys, ambient lighting, and so on.

Medical Advantages

People with medical conditions or who have had surgery will have special needs, and they will most likely spend a lot of time lying in bed. Instead of a regular bed, they should choose a recliner that will be comfortable for long periods of sitting. 

When a person sits in a regular chair for an extended period, blood begins to accumulate in the feet, which is bad for blood circulation. Recliners can easily change positions (and the materials are more comfortable), making them ideal for people with medical needs.

Things To Think About Before Purchasing A Big Man Recliner

Purchasing furniture is typically an exciting experience, but as most people are aware, it can also be a little overwhelming. A large home purchase is an investment that you will most likely have and use for years to come, and it will be a significant part of your life during that time. 

A reclining chair is something you’ll probably use daily in your living room or family room, which is significant. A reclining chair must meet your specific needs while also complementing your home and personal style. 

To find the best armchair, consider a few factors such as size, durability, and comfort, as well as your budget. These few critical issues will be critical in locating a reclining chair that will keep you happy for years to come without breaking the bank. Finally, there are various types of recliners.


When it comes to recliners, there are several different sizes to choose from. Some are so small that they are no larger than an armchair. Other recliners can be large and luxurious, while others are small enough to be small love seats that can easily accommodate two people. 

When it comes to reclining armchairs for tall people or reclining armchairs for big men, a larger one is more appropriate and comfortable. That is when you should consider purchasing a more spacious and wide armchair rather than one with a lower back. 

The simplest way to choose the correct size is to go to a furniture store and sit in the chair before purchasing it, but if you are shopping online, paying attention to the measurements is essential.

Comfort and durability

When it comes to durability and comfort, not all reclining chairs are the same, as is the case with most things. The durability of a reclining chair is determined by how well it was constructed, the dependability of the manufacturer, and the materials used. 

The structure and cushioning of the armchair, as well as the type of fabric or other material, such as leather, that will come into regular contact with the skin, all contribute to comfort. 

Reading reviews about a specific recliner can help you learn more about its durability and comfort. Overall, it’s a good way to get a sense of what you’re getting.


Budgeting is one of the first things you should do before thinking about anything else. Setting a price range is a smart way to find something that is exactly or very close to what you want while not overspending. 

The cost of reclining chairs can vary greatly. You can find a reclining chair for a very low price, under $100, and possibly even in decent condition if you go to a thrift store or a used furniture store. 

Many people, understandably, prefer not to go down this road. Depending on the type, a new reclining chair can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Best Big Man Chairs For Living Room Reviews


  • Covered in dark brown premium textured plush (champion) microfiber
  • Lever action reclining mechanism Gliding motion when not recline. Weight capacity - 300lbs
  • Oversized arms, seats and backs upholstered in soft fabric for extra support and comfort
  • Measures 43" x 40" x 40"H; Easy seat back assembly is required. Seat Width: 18 inch, Seat Depth: 23 inch, Seat Height: 20 inch, Arm height: 27 inch
  • Matching sofa (9636-3) and love seat with console (9636-2) are also available; Other cover option: Charcoal Gray fabric cover (search 9636CC-1)

Homelegance is a brand we’re very familiar with, and they’re known for producing some fantastic products. This Laurelton model is no exception; it is truly a marvel to sit in and feels like heaven on earth.

Despite this, the chair’s only drawback is that it is made of microfiber rather than leather. Many people would consider this a problem and opt for something more upscale. It all comes down to personal preference. 

If you’re a big man, you should have no reservations about purchasing this recliner. It can accommodate even the largest of men.

  • Dark brown premium textured plush (champion) microfiber cover
  • Reclining mechanism with lever-action When not reclined, there is a gliding motion.
  • Soft fabric upholstered oversized arms, seats, and backs for added support and comfort
  • Metrics 56′′ x 29′′ 39′′H; Seatback assembly is simple.


  • Partial assembly required | 100% Polyester
  • Recliner dimensions – 40” D x 44” W x 48” H | Weight – 166 lbs. | Weight limit – 500 lbs.
  • Covered in a rich leather looking suede with a plush hand
  • Comfort King Recliner mechanism with 7 gauge Steel, 2.2 hr. foam, and bolt on arms for added strength and durability
  • Made in the USA with Hardwood frames, mortise and Tenon joints, and steel Recliner mechanism for superior durability

This Chaise Comfort King Chaise Heavy Duty Recliner is made for big men. Like a chair with a full-body recline, it provides maximum comfort. The seat and back cushions are attached, which prevents them from sliding over time.

 This chair’s reinforced, high-strength coils make it extremely durable. It is intended to support more than 350 pounds and is capable of supporting up to 500 pounds. This oversized men’s armchair reaches the length of a king-size mattress when fully reclined, making it easier for even the tallest men to sit. 

The armchair’s back is 48 inches tall, making it one of the tallest armchairs in production. The snap-fit wooden frames allow it to support large men. It is proudly made in the United States.

It’s stylish, comfortable, and well-padded. It is sturdy, well-constructed, and made in the United States, and it does not wear out quickly. As a result, this reclining armchair for tall men is an excellent choice. 

There may be some difficulty reaching the lever to extend the chair, but for those who find this difficult, an extender can be added.


Part Number4501-190-Dorado Walnut
ModelLane Stallion Dorado Walnut
ColorDorado Walnut
SizeWhite Glove Delivery With In Home Setup

Lane Stallion “Big Man” is a luxury recliner designed to provide the ultimate comfort for big men, with genuine luxury leather throughout, an oversized headrest, hand-stitched kidney pillows, and 7-gauge steel construction.

The Lane Stallion was created specifically for the largest and heaviest men, with a capacity of up to 500 lbs and the highest quality materials and comfort in one package. The Big Man can support the heaviest men, with a weight capacity of 500 lbs. The core is made of 7-gauge steel, which is the strongest and most expensive steel available. 

This reinforces the chair and creates a “sinking” sensation rather than the chair being all wobbly (heavy men tend to feel the chair moving with each turn, while this recliner remains stable). The Big Man is 44 inches wide, and when fully reclined, it’s the size of a king-sized bed, making it ideal for napping after work.

Lane Stallion is completely encased in plush “walnut” leather. The leather is soft to the touch and has been designed for durability. The roll arms are fully padded, the kidney pillows are hand-stitched for an extra-plush feel, and the padding is thick throughout to ensure maximum comfort.

Because it is made of the finest plush leather and has high-capacity metal beams for support, this recliner commands a higher price. The Big Man weighs 169 pounds, which isn’t bad but will still necessitate a significant amount of manpower for delivery and assembly.


  • ✅ FOR THOSE WHO WANT MORE CHAIR: When standard sized furniture just won't do, try our big and tall collection. These recliners are wider, taller, and can support up to 400 lbs - almost twice as much as a standard recliner
  • ✅ THE FINEST MATERIAL: Painstakingly, hand-selected genuine top grain leather from the top 30% quality of hides, for the finest touch, look, and durability
  • ✅ TOP-IN-CLASS COMFORT: Experience the dream-level of comfort like never before with the powered recline, adjustable powered headrest, and adjustable powered lumbar support all at your fingertips
  • ✅ HOME THEATER SEATING: Enjoy the movie theater experience in your own home with convenient features such as the lighted cup holders and base, hidden in-arm storage compartments, built-in SoundShaker bass shakers in each chair, swivel tray table for each seat
  • ✅ DIMENSIONS: 45" H x 42.5" D x 40" W, fully reclined 72" D, seat depth 24", seat width 26.5" wall hugger 6.5" see specification sheet for more details

The “Pantheon Big & Tall” by Starcraft is a premium, technologically advanced release with a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, grain leather, adjustable lower/higher levels, storage, swivel trays, and ambient light.

The Pantheon series is the company’s highlight, and their 400-pound recliner is the most exclusive in the lineup, offering the most technological advancements.

The Pantheon is covered in cowhide leather, a hand-picked material considered a luxury and available only from the top 30% of cowhides, making the seat durable and soft to the touch. The Seatcraft is completely covered in grain leather, which is the recliner’s standout feature. 

The texture is black, and it gives the recliner a sleek, classy look. Seatcraft used grain to give the chair a more “premium” appearance.

The headrest is linked to the recliner’s electronics and can be adjusted with the remote control. The headrest can be pushed all the way down for sleeping or adjusted up and down for the most comfortable viewing position while watching TV.

Seatcraft refers to this as “adjustable power lumbar support,” which essentially allows for adjustment in the lower back to find the optimal position for the back that reduces strain and increases comfort. The remote controls the lumbar support as well.

The recliner has “power recline control,” a remote that allows the user to control each part of the chair separately. A USB port on the side can be used to plug in a laptop or smartphone charger, eliminating the need for users to leave the chair.

The Seatcraft has a hidden storage panel located beneath the armrest – when the armrest is pulled up, it opens a storage box that can be used to store a laptop, phone, or other essentials. When the headrests are lowered, they blend in with the rest of the recliner.

The “premium” appearance of the chair is emphasized by ambient light for the cup holders – cup holders are lit to make it easier to find the spot at night. A base light is located at the bottom and is used to illuminate the lower part of a dark room’s ambient.

The Seatcraft has side tables that can be used to hold a laptop, tablet, or other devices. The tables can be pushed to the side once they are no longer required.

The seat weighs 192 pounds and will require more than one person to deliver and assemble. It’s also quite stationary, making it difficult to move around the house. The 400-pound model is the lineup’s “premium” option, costing significantly more than smaller-capacity options.


  • Material: High quality pu leather, comfortable skin friendly and easily cleaned, high density thicker sponge, high resilience and high permeability.
  • Adjustable Recliner: This recliner can be used as three kinds of shape from 90 to 180 degree, suit for gaming, working, watching movies and napping.
  • Upgraded Footrest: Highly durable steel frame with thicker foam padding, better to enjoy your favorite tv shows or rest.
  • Maximum Capacity: 265 lbs; Seat height: 17.7 inch; Seat dimensions:19.7 inch x 22.1 inch; Back dimensions: 20.9 inch x 29.1 inch; Open dimensions: 27.6 inch x 64.2 inch x 27.9 inch; Closed dimensions: 27.6 inch x 35.8 inch x 38.6 inch.
  • Foot protection: This single recliner is supported by four sturdy feet with non marking pads which effectively protect the sofa and hard floor.

This recliner chair is made of high-quality leather that is not only gentle on the skin but also simple to clean. The high-density thick sponge is also known for its high resilience and permeability.

The Homall Single Recliner Chair has a reclining push back with a padded seat that allows users to lean back in three different positions for relaxing, napping, or watching TV. Although it does not recline to 180 degrees, this Man Cave chair reclines far enough to ensure sleep comfort.

The chair includes an upgraded double-thick footrest to keep your legs as comfortable as possible. The footrest’s metal frame keeps it stable as you recline.

The Homall single recliner chair is ideal for your man cave seating ideas. It has a push recliner design, an adjustable footrest, and wide and curved armrests for extra comfort. It also has a spacious seat cushion and a thick recliner back.

Manufacturers offer a free exchange as well as a lifetime warranty for installation issues such as damages and missing parts. If you don’t like the purchase, you can exchange it for a free recliner chair or get a refund. There is no additional charge.


  • Massage Recliner Functional: It has 8 powerful vibration massage motors, 4 custom zone settings, 3 intensity levels, 5 massage modes and soothing lumbar heat, which providing a completely body relaxation
  • Adjustable Backrest Reclines and Leg Rest :High quality pushes back recliner mechanism, place your hands on the armrests of the recliner and in conjunction with pushing forward on the arms lean backward using your body weight to recline the chair. Warm up slowly to keep you comfy.You can enjoy your leisure time on our massage sofa.
  • Comfortable Massage Recliner Chair with Heating Function: Cushions are filled with high density foam, which is very comfortable and lets you stretch out after a long day. Back heating function with remote control, warm you easily at home
  • High-Quality Recliner Massage Chair: Made of upholstered high grade PU leather, it's more comfortable than normal PU leather. Solid wood frame to provide maximum flexibility and stability
  • 【Buy with confidence】 We can ensure the Item Quality and sales Service. Our products are backed by 1 year so for any reason, you are not completely satisfied. The professional customer service team will provide 24/7 friendly support.

If you want maximum comfort and relaxation at home, the Merax Barwick PU Heated Massage Recliner should be your Man Cave recliner chair of choice. To begin, the seat includes extra padding on the backrest, seat, and armrest, all of which contribute to a comfortable experience.

The massage nodes on the chair relieve stress from the body. This also allows you to sit comfortably while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. The additional paddings provide an impressively soft feel on the neck, head, shoulders, and arms.

Regardless of the user’s weight or size, the paddings retain their shape and state. When compared to other living room chairs that sag with heavyweight, it does not easily flatten even after several uses.

The eight massage nodes are perfectly positioned in areas where pressure points are located. Two are on the back, two are on the seat, two are on the footrest, and two are in the waist. This aids in stress relief, making the seat an excellent place to unwind after a long day.

Aside from the massage nodes, you will also notice heating functions on the waist area. While in massage mode, the heating function helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body. 

It should be noted that this function is only activated when the massage function is activated. The seat also has a wired remote control that makes controlling the modes simple.

The Merax Barwick PU Heated Massage Recliner is not a rocket recliner sofa, but rather a manual recliner. It has a reclining handle on the right side that is easy to pull. It almost reaches the full length of the bed, but not quite. It does not provide a 180-degree angle, but rather a 145-degree recline.

The onyx black leather of the Merax Barwick PU Heated Massage Recliner is easy to care for. Cleaning this leather type is simple, even simpler than cleaning suede-like versions. 

Because of its shiny and black appearance, it also looks and feels brand new all of the time. The double stitching on the recliner is advantageous because it ensures a longer-lasting material.

In conclusion

There are numerous reasons why you might be looking for a different recliner. We spend more and more of our days sitting, so it is only natural that we seek out a seat that can fully support us and provide us with the comfort that we deserve.

 A great big man recliner supports your back healthily, provides maximum comfort, and will last you a long time. It is critical to find a recliner that can support your weight to ensure the product’s longevity.

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