Best Living Room Chairs For Lower Back Issues

7 Best Living Room Chairs For Lower Back Issues

In this article, we have reviewed the Best Living Room Chairs For Lower Back Issues. If you are in a hurry, check our top ones.

Sitting all day can result in severe back pain as well as other health issues. Back pain can be avoided by using a chair. An ergonomic chair will assist you in maintaining a healthier posture and avoiding back pain. It also aids in the reduction of absenteeism from work due to injury and the improvement of job performance.

However, due to the numerous models available, selecting a living room chair for back pain is a difficult task. After conducting extensive research on several chairs on the market, we have selected the best living room chairs for lower back pain in this article. Let’s take a look at what’s available below.

What is Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems that we see in this day and age. According to experts, nearly 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Every day, more than 31 million Americans suffer from back pain. These figures are terrifying.

What Causes Back Pain?

The human body evolved to walk on two feet, resulting in one of the most complex meshes of bones, muscles, tendons, discs, and ligaments in the back.

In simple terms, vertebrae (bones) sit atop each other, with spinal discs in between to lubricate or cushion the movement of these bones, allowing our back and neck to twist and helping us stand erect.

Unfortunately, as with any machine, a more complex structure is always more prone to one or more parts failing. This spinal structure is divided into three sections: the lumbar (lower back), the thoracic (mid-back, below the neck and shoulders), and the cervical (neck and shoulders) (upper back). Back pain can manifest itself in any of these areas.

Back pain is most commonly caused by strain, overuse, poor posture, aging, illness, or injury, though it can also be a symptom of other problems.

What Kind of Chair Is Best for Lower Back Pain?

Back pain is a very common problem, especially for those who work in an office for long periods. A tough and extremely soft chair cannot ensure good posture, so a good ergonomic chair will assist you in avoiding back and body pain.

The chair is made of durable materials and has odor-free upholstery for your comfort. You can also recline at various angles with extended leg support, which ensures good posture and effectively reduces back pain.

Why Should You Invest in a Back Pain-Relieving Living Room Chair?

You should purchase a living room chair for back pain for a variety of reasons and health benefits. They are as follows:

  • The living room chairs are made of high-quality breathable material and thick cushions that provide back, neck, and full-body support while effectively reducing back pain, back pain, and muscle pain.
  • They provide lumbar support to help you maintain proper seating posture, and your spine will not be pressed.
  • It has a padded backrest, armrests, and headrest that provide comfort and allow you to work for long periods of time without getting tired.
  • The chairs can recline from 90 to 160 degrees using a remote or pulling lever, allowing for a comfortable lean-back seating position.
  • It relieves stress and mental anguish by removing all pain from your body, which is beneficial to your overall health.

These are the reasons why a living room chair for back pain is required. You can now select the best one from our list of the best living room chairs for back pain.

Best Living Room Chairs For Lower Back Issues (Reviews 2024)

Choosing a suitable lower back pain chair is difficult due to the abundance of options and models on the market. We’ve reviewed the best living room chairs for lower back pain to help you find one that’s right for you.


  • Material: High quality pu leather, comfortable skin friendly and easily cleaned, high density thicker sponge, high resilience and high permeability.
  • Adjustable Recliner: This recliner can be used as three kinds of shape from 90 to 180 degree, suit for gaming, working, watching movies and napping.
  • Upgraded Footrest: Highly durable steel frame with thicker foam padding, better to enjoy your favorite tv shows or rest.
  • Maximum Capacity: 265 lbs; Seat height: 17.7 inch; Seat dimensions:19.7 inch x 22.1 inch; Back dimensions: 20.9 inch x 29.1 inch; Open dimensions: 27.6 inch x 64.2 inch x 27.9 inch; Closed dimensions: 27.6 inch x 35.8 inch x 38.6 inch.
  • Foot protection: This single recliner is supported by four sturdy feet with non marking pads which effectively protect the sofa and hard floor.

Our top pick for the best living room chair for the upper back, neck, and shoulders is the Homall Living Room Chair. The living room chair has a push-back recliner design with a large seat cushion that can provide optimal support for your neck and upper back while sitting.

More convenience is provided by the push-back recliner design with an adjustable footrest. Its curved wide armrests and larger-sized seat cushion provide better comfort to your neck and shoulders while sitting on this chair. 

More comfortable seating is provided by the thick recliner back. You can change the settings to suit your needs with simple-to-use modes.

The highly durable steel frame and thicker foam padding provide a more comfortable seating experience. The weight capacity of the living room chair is 265 lbs. This chair provides more support to alleviate back pain.

Four sturdy feet with non-marking pads support the living room chair. As a result, it effectively protects the sofa and hard sofa. Your foot is supported by an integrated metal frame.

The sturdy chair is made of high-quality PU leather that is gentle on your skin. So you can sit in this living room chair for long periods. The thicker, higher-density sponge provides high resilience and performance.

The recliner sofa chair is ideal for adding comfort to your living room. If you’re looking for a highly adjustable sofa chair that will relieve your upper back pain, this is the one for you. Its double-thick padded seat provides comfort to your neck and shoulders, and the easy-to-adjust modes allow you to change the settings to suit your needs.


  • ★【ADJUSTABLE MASSAGE CHAIR】: You can adjust the angle of the massage chair according to your needs. Speed control, width control, intensity control have 3 levels.Air massage pressure have 4 levels.Four massage points work together with other areas to provide a completely relaxing massage.Supports, neck, shoulder, waist, back, leg, and foot massage with heating(back and foot). Your heart can work less and you can relax more.
  • ★【AIR MASSAGE SYSTEM with HEAT THERAPY】: There are total 21 air bags which are strategically located in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet. Combined with heat therapy system(back and foot), your muscles and joints will recover faster with increased blood circulation and less pain and aches.Multiple Air bag for your hip and your waist line which inflates for compression massage to align lower back and pelvis area.
  • ★【COMPUTERIZED BODY SCANNING】:Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size for individual custom fit massage.Built-in sensor automatically measure the length of spine and knows where to massage. 11 signal tset switch and holt sensor work tegther to test user’s body height and up/down distance of massage machine for massage range.Automatically adjust massage intensity according to user’s body weight.Allow the massage chair to fit perfectly different figure.
  • ★【FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY】:7 Massage Modes: kneading, tapping, stretching ,shiatsu, combo,air pressure,heating .9 preset auto massage programs have different massage methods to give you the best massage experience.Including special stretching programs for full body stretching are suitable for most,but you can also choose manual massage functions to control your own massage.
  • ★【What You Will Got】We guarantee that you will like this massage chair. If you are not satisfied with this massage chair, please contact us.If you have any questions for massage chari, please feel free to ask!

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair has 21 airbags that massage different parts of your body to effectively reduce back pain. Its combined heat therapy massages the foot and back, reducing muscle pain in these areas by decreasing blood flow. 

Furthermore, the airbags provide a thorough massage on the back and pelvis by inflating, making it the best home chair for lower back pain. It has shiatsu, kneading, knocking, and tapping massage functions that can easily alleviate all types of pain. 

It has a full 170-degree reclining system, which enhances the massage experience. It also has 9 auto massaging systems that provide various types of massage to provide comfort. Its 7 modes provide functional diversity and allow for simple control.

The back pain chair has a body scanning function that detects your body size and selects an appropriate massage for you. Its sensors can detect the length of your spine and adjust the intensity level based on your weight. 

The Holt sensor and 11 signal test switches detect your body height and adjust the chair’s height to provide a comfortable massage.


  • One outlet and two USB changing plugs are hidden in arm storage and available at the push of a button for easy charging access. Easily charge your tablet or phone with the USB plug or use the outlet to power any other electronic device from the comfort of your seat.
  • Power Recline to infinite positions with the touch of a button. You can sit upright for an intense movie, recline to relax, or lay fully back to take a nap.
  • Swivel tray can attach to either arm for easy use and stows in arm storage when not in use. Swivel tray is perfect for use with a laptop or tablet when you need to work, or to hold your snacks during the show.
  • PREMIUM faux Leather cover is breathable, extremely soft and durable, and easy to clean. Fabric content is 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane.
  • Chair dimensions - 38.0" L x 39.5" W x 43.0" H . Seat dimensions - 24.41” W x 20.67” D x 20.08” H

Do you want to buy a stylish recliner for your home movie nights? Look no further because this fantastic Larson recliner is a clear winner.

The manufacturer did not skimp on style; the chair’s modern design is a great addition to any home. The attention to detail sets this apart from the crowd. The good news is that cleaning and maintaining the recliner is a breeze.

This chair has a swiveling tray that also functions as a table and a USB connection port. When the tray is not in use, it can be stored in the arm. Each arm has a cup holder as well as a storage compartment.

The overall finish of the product is excellent, and you can be confident that it will not wear out prematurely. The manufacturer guarantees the product’s quality and provides a reasonable warranty.

You can also expect replacements or refunds on products with manufacturing flaws.


  • Easily Reclines: Sit back and relax in the Elizabeth Recliner. to fully recline this chair, just push on arms and lean against the back of the Recliner to find your most comfortable positioning. Enjoy the highest caliber of comfort and relaxation with this classy, beige recliner.
  • Modern Home Design: With its tufted diamond design, it offers a refreshing air of sophistication to your home. Set it in your living room, office, bedroom, or sitting room. Its light beige color will complement most furniture sets.
  • Comfortable Cushioned Seat & Sturdy Legs : This accent chair padded cushion is firm yet soft for ultimate coziness. The high back commands attention and provides support for your spine. There are also convenient armrests for your pleasure and luxury. The legs of this club chair are sturdy, providing a firm foundation for your recliner.
  • Suitable Dimensions: This recliner measures at 30"W x 36"D x 40"H, Seat Height - 19.6", Seat Dimensions - 20"W x 22"D, Weight Capacity - 300 lbs. Kindly please confirm the size before buying.
  • Buy with Confidence: CANMOV provide free exchange for installation problems, damaged and missing parts with 1-year warranty guarantee, feel free to contact us for any purchase. CANMOV provide helpful, prompt and friendly customer service at your disposal.

This is an excellent chair to keep in the lounge for people who suffer from back pain. This ergonomic reclining chair will not only provide back comfort but will also improve the appearance of your room due to its excellent design.

It has three positions and dimensions of 27.4′′ D x 28.7′′ W x 39.8′′ H, making it an ergonomic reading chair. With the expansion of the front foot, which elevates your feet for comfort, it transforms into comfortable chairs for watching TV. 

With full development, the expanded length of 62.2 inches, the seat height of 20.5 inches, and seat dimensions of 20.5′′ W x 21.3′′ D, it becomes the best chair for back pain relief.

The weight capacity is 300 pounds, making it ideal for use in your lounge. This is the best living room chair for back pain sufferers because it promotes good posture and relieves back pain.

 The interior is made of strong steel, allowing it to be used for a long time (up to 25000 times). It is a wing-back chair with lumbar support, making it long-lasting.


  • CONTEMPORARY POWER LIFT RECLINER: Style and functionality merge together in this dual motor lift chair recliner. With just the touch of a button, the power lift eases you back and elevates your legs for the ultimate lounging experience
  • INVITING COMFORT: Designed for support and comfort with a high back, thick cushions and faux leather upholstery, Sturdy corner-blocked frame has a metal reinforced seat
  • SMOOTH BROWN UPHOLSTERY: Saddle brown upholstery looks like leather, but is actually thick poly fiber with a cozy feel-good touch
  • GENEROUS SIZING: Oversized recliner measures 35"W x 40"D x 42.5"H with a 20" seat height and 69" fully reclined length
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Instructions, hardware and tools included, Fits through doorways 30" or wider

Ashley Yandel’s signature design The Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle has a dual-motor that allows you to lift and recline the chair as needed. It includes a touch button for controlling the lifting and reclining system. 

By providing comfort and a better lounging experience, the lift mode alleviates back and leg pain. It is made of faux leather and has thick cushions for comfort. The strong metal frame ensures a comfortable seating position with added support. 

Besides, the brown leather cover is soft to the touch and pairs well with the poly-fiber saddle. The chair is simple to assemble using the included hand tools, and it fits through 30-inch doorways.

It has generous dimensions of 35 inches x 40 inches x 42.5 inches and a seat height of 20 inches, making it suitable for everyone. 

The armrests are padded with thick material and covered in leather to provide comfort while sitting in the chair. After all, it is one of the best chairs for back support at home.


  • Electric power lift to help stand, designed for the elderly and people with mobility problems.
  • Made of soft fabric, solid wood frame, and luxuriously high density sponge, it is comfortable and breathable enough to spend hours in it, especially for people after a surgery or with back problems.
  • Designed with 8-point nodes functions, comes with 5 modes vibration massage (pulse, press, wave, auto & normal), intensity control massage function comes from low to high, include a heating control system (heat to 140F) for lumbar part, that can offer you the best relaxation.
  • Two storage bags & two cup holders & USB charge ports (Notes: The USB ports ONLY for low-power devices, such as iPhone, iPad.)
  • Easy to install. Only takes 2 minutes to install. No tools required!

This is the best recliner for people who suffer from back pain because it lifts with electric power. It is intended for the elderly as well as those with mobility issues. This is a sophisticated wingback chair with lumbar support. Its stable structure makes it long-lasting.

The exterior is made of high-quality fabric, with a luxurious high-density sponge interior that provides excellent comfort. It has 8 point node functions and five massage vibration modes, including press, pulse, standard, auto, and wave. 

The massaged vibration function can be adjusted from high to low. This wing lounge chair also has a heating system that provides heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for added relaxation.

It has two storage bags on both sides for quick access to magazines or snacks when you are completely relaxed. Two cup holders are also adjusted at the front of both armrests, so you don’t have to move to grab your cup from the table. 

Charging ports are also available in this best lounge chair for low back pain, allowing you to charge small power devices.


  • 【MODERN AND CLASSIC DESIGN】This recliner chair is sleek, modern and sophisticated. Expertly crafted for style, this chair is a perfect accent for any home or workplace.
  • 【EASY ADJUSTMENT AND ULTIMATE RELAXATION】Sit back and relax in your very own push back recliner chair. This chair features a dual-function foot extension and a reclining back that will surely help you to unwind and de-stress. Enjoy your favorite entertainment and fully relax your body and mood with this comfortable massage recliner.
  • 【JUST TWO MINUTES TO INSTALL】 Our recliner sofa is easy to assemble, only taking up to 2 minutes to install. Just slip the backrest of the chair onto the seat and screw in the four legs into the base. No tools required!
  • 【THE MASSAGE MODE】This chair has 8 functions giving you the best massage. Also comes with 3 levels of intensity for desired comfort. 2 point massage technology for the waist area.

This versatile chair is ideal for sitting for long periods because it has a dual-function foot extension and a reclining back that will provide back comfort and reduce stress. You will have a more relaxing experience if you use the massaging mode.

The living room chair has a push-back mechanism. Its dual function foot extension and reclining back provide more comfortable seating positions. The wing back chair’s settings can be adjusted to meet your specific back needs.

The chair’s eight functions provide a thorough massage. There are three levels of intensity to choose from. The two-point massage options on the waist help you relax and reduce stress while sitting in this chair.

The living room chair has a modern appearance. In a living room, this wingback chair looks elegant. Furthermore, this chair is simple to assemble, taking only 2 minutes. This living room chair can be installed without the use of any additional tools.

The chair is upholstered in a long-lasting PU. It is also waterproof and very easy to clean. The legs and frames are made of solid hardwood for added stability, making it an ideal chair for your living room.

In addition to being an excellent living room chair for the upper back, the wingback design is elegant and sleek. So, if you’re looking for a stylish living room chair, this one is ideal.

Last Thoughts…

Today, save money and, more importantly, save yourself. Place your bet carefully, whether it’s on a chair, a recliner, or a sofa. Remember that comfort is the key to everything, but a healthy back is a must-have that should not be overlooked.

The best living room chair reviews for lower back pain in 2024 mentioned above are just a few of many, but they are currently the best in this category.

So, choose your throne wisely if you want to play the games more healthily. If you have any questions about your chair selection, please leave them in the comments section.

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