Will Expensive Chair Give Competitive Advantage In Gaming?

Will Expensive Chair Give Competitive Advantage In Gaming?

An expensive chair will never give you an advantage in gaming. It is like asking if getting a new pair of shoes will make you run faster than your colleague who has worn-out shoes. The question makes no sense because the person runs at his maximum potential regardless of what he wears on his feet.

The same logic can be applied to chairs. It does not matter how expensive or how comfortable the chair is. A person sits in it and operates his controls at their maximum potential.

Different gamers have different heights, weights, body shapes, hand sizes, etc. It means that for some people having back support will be more important than someone who has highly developed muscles in their upper thighs. Hence, there is no ‘one chair for all’ in any case.

What Is The Difference Between Gaming Chair And Office Chair?

This question does not make sense as well because a good office chair can do the same that a gaming chair can do apart from giving you an advantage in racing games and flight simulators. Even if it gives you an advantage in such games, it does not mean that you will become a pro overnight just because of an awesome chair with extra features.

There are people with awesome chairs who do poorly in gaming and there are average players who play better with a simple chair. What matters is how much time you spend practicing and not what chair you use.

Why It Is Better To Use Gaming Chair?

People often ask this question while there is no substantial evidence to prove that gaming chairs are better. If you watch a person playing a game without a chair, or even while sitting on a bench, or standing up and playing it will not matter because the outcome of their matches would depend only on how much they practice.

What is wrong with ordinary chairs?

There is nothing wrong with ordinary chairs apart from the fact that they do not support your back which might lead to health problems in the long term. Even if they make you sit straight, there are gaming desks without armrests which do not help gamers maintain a good posture even for short periods.

A good gaming chair has a high back and headrests which prevent you from slouching. It also has armrests so that your wrists do not go above the keyboard or mouse while playing games because it puts a lot of pressure on them and might lead to repetitive stress injuries if done for long periods.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair has many features that are not present in ordinary chairs. These additional features are the reason why it is better to use a gaming chair instead of an ordinary one. Some of these advantages are given below:

1) Build Quality:

This is one of the most important factors when buying a gaming chair. Many brands sell chairs at even more than five hundred dollars with an attractive design and specifications, but they have poor build quality. It does not make sense to invest in high-end chairs if their build quality is not up to the mark.

2) Comfort:

Comfort is one of the most important requirements while selecting a chair. It is not always about designing chairs with the most attractive specifications and features. Many low-end gaming chairs do not have much of an attractive specification list, but they are very comfortable to use if their build quality is good.

3) Lumbar Support:

There was a time when even high-end gaming chairs did not have inbuilt lumbar support. They came with removable cushions which were used for this purpose. It is not the same anymore because now, even low-end gaming chairs come with a fixed or adjustable lumbar support that provides great relief to people who suffer from lower back problems.

4) Adjustability:

Adjustability is another important factor that distinguishes a gaming chair from an ordinary one. Some of the chairs have adjustable armrests and others do not, but they all have amazing specifications in terms of adjustability which makes them preferable to hardcore gamers or people who use a computer for long periods.

5) Design:

Gaming chairs are designed to keep gamers in mind. Apart from having all the specifications that are required for gaming, they also look stylish and provide additional comfort which is not available in most of the chairs that are available in the market today.

6) Weight:

Weight plays an important role while buying a chair. Even if you have a lightweight chair with amazing features, but it is heavy, you might not be able to take it with you when required unless there is a wheel present on the bottom which will help you maneuver it.

7) Warranty:

Most gaming chairs are durable and provide great performance to their users. If they get damaged for any reason, their manufacturers offer warranties to ensure that their customers are not put under any pressure in terms of the money they spend.

8) Easy To Clean:

Another big difference between an ordinary chair and a gaming chair is that they are easy to clean. Ordinary chairs have intricate designs which make them difficult to clean after heavy use. You might need to take them to cleaners or do it yourself if you do not want them to look shabby. It is not the same with gaming chairs. They are mostly plain and do not have complicated designs, so it is easy to clean them without any issues at all.

9) Extras:

Some of the high-end gaming chairs come with bonus features like speakers or Bluetooth connectivity which is not available in most chairs. If you require these features, it is better to select a gaming chair instead of an ordinary one which might be cheaper but doesn’t have any bonus features.

10) Adjustable Speakers:

A gamer can connect speakers with his PC or laptop, but they are heavy and can make your task difficult if you are unable to operate them while playing games. But most of the gaming chairs come with speakers which can be adjusted according to your needs and they also make life easier for gamers by providing them with a hands-free option.

11) Easy To Move:

Many brands offer lightweight chairs which make it easy for people to carry them from one place to another if they have to shift their gaming station. They are easy to maneuver and do not require much effort on your part which makes it easier for you to keep shifting them as and when required.


Those were some of the reasons why a gaming chair is preferred by most gamers and enthusiasts instead of an ordinary chair that is available in the market. If you own a low-end chair, do not worry because many brands upgrade their models regularly which makes them an excellent choice for people who want to buy something new without spending too much money. There are lots of online websites where you can explore the latest gaming chairs and choose one according to your needs and interests.

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