Do Expensive Gaming Chairs Improve Your Performance During Longer Sessions?

Do Expensive Gaming Chairs Improve Your Performance?

As I was sitting down to write this article, I realized how many times over the years I have seen gamers ask whether or not an expensive gaming chair is worth buying – for example, one of the DXRacer chairs.

While you might think that this seems like a strange question to ask at first, it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

After all, the average gamer spends a lot of time sitting down playing games – so why not splurge on your chair if you have some spare cash lying around?

Well, to answer this question I think we first need to look at what a ‘Gaming Chair’ actually does for us and try to establish whether or not they do anything that our regular office chairs don’t already do.

The Short Answer?

If you’ve ever used one of the DXRacer gaming chairs, then you will know exactly why gamers ask whether or not they are worth buying – simply because these things feel amazing!

For example, when I got my first proper gaming chair (I used to just throw a pillow down on top of my office chair) I was blown away by how comfortable it was and couldn’t believe that such a thing existed.

I remember when I got my DXRacer in the post, I opened it up and put it together in about 15 minutes – and then actually sat on it for the first time.

It was seriously comfortable, and I remember thinking that I could sit here for hours (and in fact, I did).

However, the next thing that happened is what made me realize why gamers ask whether or not they are worth buying – when I got up my back felt amazing.

I know this sounds a little weird, but when you’re used to just sitting on a regular office chair for hours, your back starts to ache after around 1.5-2hours – but when I got up from my new gaming chair…

Not only did my back not feel like it was about to collapse, but the weirdest thing happened; My legs felt tired and sore like I had been walking for several hours – but after just 1.5-2hours of playing games!

The reason that your legs feel tired and stressed is that the gaming chair provides much better lumbar support than regular office chairs, which makes your entire body much more comfortable.

While this might seem like a small thing, the next time you are mindlessly sitting down playing games for 6-12hours at a time, then I promise that this little feature is going to blow your mind.

So Is It Worth Buying A Gaming Chair?

Well, yes – but only if you have the spare cash lying around.

You see, while both gaming chairs and regular office chairs have their benefits, there is no way that a gaming chair can provide a better experience than a recliner.

However, if you are someone who plays games for 5+hours every day then the benefits of having a gaming chair might just be worth it to you – but please don’t buy one from the TV adverts…

When it comes to buying a quality gaming chair, I would personally recommend that you look no further than the DXRacer range – simply because they are the market leaders in this field and provide some amazing products.

However, if you don’t like these chairs (which is not as weird as it sounds), then try googling ‘gaming chairs’.

You can also check out some of the cheaper alternatives on Amazon, where there are hundreds to choose from – so you will be able to find one that suits your taste.

The Most Important Thing To Remember?

Before you rush off and spend money on a new gaming chair, it is worth remembering that buying any office chair which offers lumbar support is better than having no seat at all.

This means that if you are buying a new chair for gaming, it should be comfortable, but also provide good lumbar support – something which the DXRacer range provides in abundance.

I hope this article makes it easier for people to understand whether or not they should buy a gaming chair.

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