Why Gaming Chairs Are Bad for Your Back?

Why Gaming Chairs Are Bad for Your Back?

Gaming chairs are one type of ergonomic desk chair that is designed to sit with your legs raised or reclined. These types of chairs come in low-back/no-back, mid-back, and high-back designs. 

The gamer surface looks like a bucket seat on an airplane, has armrests (that some models can be removed, leaving it more like a bucket seat), and has small footrests that typically do not move. 

These chairs are typically purchased by gamers because they want to play games in comfort for hours at a time without getting up (and therefore missing out on the game).

Drawbacks of Gaming Chairs

Although these types of chairs can be considered ergonomic, there may be some drawbacks you should consider before purchasing one.  

Incorrect Posture

Sitting in this type of chair for hours at a time can cause you to slouch, which will put your spine out of alignment and your back muscles to be overworked or strained. It is important to have good posture so that the pressure on the discs and ligaments in the spine is minimized.  

It will also help you to engage your core muscles so that your back muscles don’t have to do all of the work which can lead to muscle fatigue or low back pain, especially if you sit for long periods daily.   

Improper Alignment of Spine

If you notice that the chair you are playing on is too low, this can cause your legs to dangle. This position will often strain the back of your knees and your heels since they will not be in a flat position.

If you have a higher gaming chair, it may force you to slouch forward which has been shown to increase the pressure on the discs between each of your vertebrae.  

This is because the spinal discs need to absorb shock, and when you slouch, there is more pressure on them than normal which can lead to pain or injury over time if you are sitting in this position for hours at a time throughout the day.

Side Effects

There are also some other side effects from sitting in a gaming chair for long periods that you should know about. Although it might be comfortable, your hips and spine could suffer as well as your lower back.

Prolonged sitting has been shown to decrease circulation which can affect the body’s ability to heal itself, plus can cause possible varicose veins, which is the abnormal enlargement of veins in the legs.

Another possible side effect is that it can cause blood clots to form due to the lack of movement. This could be very dangerous for your health if you are ever injured or have surgery on a certain part of your body since blood clots will not dissolve properly.

As you can see, there are some very obvious reasons why your back may not be feeling so great if you are sitting in a gamer chair for hours on end. Although they are ergonomic, it is not worth the pain that you will have to deal with over time if you don’t take care of yourself now.

Do These 4 Things For Back Pain Relief:

Here are some things that you can do to help with your back pain:


When you sit for hours at a time, your back and legs will be stuck in the same position. This causes stiffness and an increase of pressure on the discs and joints in your spine. 

Start by stretching your arms and legs as far as they can go for a few minutes and then slowly bend to each side, holding that position for about 20 seconds. Make sure to stretch your back too along with your shoulders and chest.


There are many exercises you can perform at home or even in the office to prevent muscle fatigue and low back pain. One of the best exercises to strengthen your core is a plank pose, which helps with overall back and spine alignment so that you can maintain proper posture and relieve some pressure.

There are many other exercises you could perform as well such as leg raises while lying on your back, sit-ups, side bends while standing up, glute bridges and side leg lifts while lying on your back.

Take Breaks

Try to get up for a few minutes every hour or so to give your body a break from sitting in the same position for long periods. Stretch out your arms, legs, and back while you are up since it will help with blood circulation to these areas.

Watch Your Back

Make sure that your gaming chair is at the right height for your desk and fits your body type. A chair that is too low or too high can lead to strain in various parts of your back, especially in the lower lumbar area since it has to work harder when you are sitting in a lower or higher position than it is used to.

Do not prop your feet up on anything while you are sitting in your gaming chair for hours at a time, this can cause back pain as well since it will force you to slouch forward which can lead to other problems if left untreated.

Use a footrest

There are many different styles of footrests you can use to help with your posture as well as relieve some pressure from your back. This is a very simple and useful way to ease the tension in your lower back caused by too much sitting without having to take any time off from playing games or working at your computer.

There are many different styles of footrests you can use, some are made to fit under your desk while others are free-standing. You will have to see which one works best for you and the space that you have available in your home or office.

If your pain is unbearable or does not seem to get any better through the short-term remedies listed above, please visit your doctor as soon as possible to make sure everything is okay. This will help with the long-term use of a gaming chair since you can adjust it to fit your body type and needs better which will prevent future problems from developing in the lower back area.

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