Why Gaming Chairs Aren't As Important As You Think

Why Gaming Chairs Aren’t As Important As You Think

Do you think that gaming chairs are as important as you think? If you do, then you may be surprised to know that you might be wrong.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at why gaming chairs aren’t as important as you might think and see if there are better ways to spend your money.

So, if you’re curious to find out more, keep reading!

What Are Gaming Chairs?

So, just in case you’re new to this or you don’t know what gaming chairs are, let’s start by quickly taking a look at what they are and how they work.

Essentially, gaming chairs are like regular office chairs (with wheels), but there is one main difference; they have built-in speakers, so you can game without having to wear anything on your head. It’s also possible to get versions that will vibrate when something happens in the game (like when you shoot someone).

Most people like gaming chairs because they feel like it helps them get into the game more and really immerse themselves in what’s going on.

Why Do People Think Gaming Chairs Are So Important?

So, if you’ve ever looked around on Youtube or Google for gaming chairs reviews, you’ll probably have seen a lot of people claiming that they’re the best thing since sliced bread and it’s really important to get one.

But let’s be honest here; is it actually true?

Are gaming chairs really as important as people say they are?

Let’s find out.

How Much Do Gaming Chairs Cost, Compared To The Competition?

So, if you’re trying to get a decent gaming chair to play on your PC or console with, it’s going to cost you anywhere from around $150-$400, which isn’t too bad if you’re looking for something half decent.

But there’s a problem here; the same money could buy you anything from a brand new gaming PC to an Xbox One or Playstation 4!

Now, obviously, you wouldn’t want to do that, but what it does mean is that spending all your money on one single chair isn’t really that sensible.

If you’re looking to get something that will act like a regular chair (one with arms and everything), you could pick up an office chair for about half the price of what some gaming chairs cost.

So, which one should you get? It’s certainly not the gaming chair!

Is There A Better Option?

So, if you want to game like a pro and you want to feel like you’re fully immersed in the game (and not looking out of your office window), should you get a gaming chair or something else?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the other options that are available for gamers;

Here are just some of the other things you could do to improve your gaming experience;

  • You could get yourself a new PC or console
  • You could learn how to play better (and more efficiently)
  • You could practice more to get good at it!

Sure, there are some other things that you can do, but these are just some of the main ones that I can think of.

I’m sure you’ve got some ideas of your own, but if not, then these are the top three most important things I would recommend to make yourself a better gamer!

So, rather than spending hundreds on something like a gaming chair (which isn’t actually going to do much), why not invest some time and money into making yourself a better gamer?

Gaming chairs definitely aren’t as important as some people would have you believe. The best way to really improve at something is to take the time out of your day to learn, practice, or try different things!

If you are looking for advice on what’s the best kind of chair to get, then check out my chair buying guide for tips on the best chairs to get!

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