Do I Need A Headrest On My Office Chair

Do I Need A Headrest On My Office Chair?

Based on common knowledge about the physical and mental benefits of proper workplace posture, any employee that spends eight hours per day in an office environment can tell you that your desk posture is critically important to overall productivity. 

The less stressed your body is, the better you will be able to concentrate on the tasks next to you. With this in mind, you can see why investing in an office chair with a headrest is a wise investment. 

If you’re working at a desk all day, how exactly does a chair headrest provide benefits to you? What makes it so beneficial? As we can provide some key benefits to those who utilize a chair with a headrest, here is a rundown of these valuable aspects.

Benefits Of Having An Office Chair With A Headrest

Here are a few motives why your office chair should have a headrest.

Better Posture

When your office chair has a headrest, you can be sure that it will help your posture. Ergonomically designed office chairs helps to prevent you from hunching forward, putting pressure on your back, and scrunching your shoulders.

 As a result, these chairs are made to support your back and cushion your spine, so you won’t have any issues.

Reduces Pain

Having a headrest on your office chair can help reduce the pain you feel while working long hours. If you use an office chair with a headrest, you may be able to avoid common problems such as the neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Your office chair comes with built-in neck and back support, which allows you to work more comfortably. If you are in the market for a new office chair, look for this feature.


An ideal chair should have a headrest that is easy to adjust. For example, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, among other models, offers headrests that can be adjusted to fit the height of the seated user. You want to be able to change your chair to better fit your body.

Rest while reclining

Consider taking a short break or answering a lengthy phone call when you need to lean back. You can easily lean back or take a short nap with a headrest fitted to your office chair. Readers have also found it useful when reading lengthy material. You can set your headrest on your chair and then just lie back to take a short break from working on your computer.

Special needs

Having a chair with a headrest in some cases is absolutely essential. In order to be able to work while reclining, people with chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction or injury must be able to do so. These individuals in the workplace are supported by an ergonomic chair with a headrest.

Best Office Chair With Headrest


  • Connect fabric is 100% polyester
  • Wheels for carpet flooring
  • Ergonomic chair – this model includes an adjustable headrest, adjustable seat depth, fully adjustable arms, adjustable lumbar, pneumatic seat height adjustment, recline tension adjustment, 4 position recline lock, wrapped upholstered back and seat, black/black frame color scheme
  • All day comfort and back support - Gesture’s seat and back move as a synchronized system, following your body as you move throughout the day to ensure long-term support
  • Quality and durability – designed to withstand 24/7 use while providing maximum comfort


  • CONFORMS TO YOUR LIFE: With it’s 4D Adjustable Armrest and Lumbar System, ElastoMesh, 135 Degree Back Tilt, Smooth HydraLift, Dual Castors (and a set of hardwood floor Blade Castors) – it’s easy to think the Ergo3D is from the future, but instead it’s evolved Ergo Seating at its finest and it’s here now.
  • EASE INTO WORK, OR PLAY: Mesh Headrest adjusts up and down while the 4D Adjust Arms go forwards, back, up, down, side to side, and rotate for the best fit to your body. 3D Lumbar Support hugs your back, while the seat glides up and down for the ultimate in customized comfort in the office, or in front of your game!
  • SOFT HD OFFICE CHAIR: Our breathable ElastoMesh provides optimal airflow to avoid sweating and sticking. But it’s also smooth, and nothing like sitting on wire like many of the chairs you’ll see today. And while it’s good to take regular breaks, the Ergo3D is so comfy you’ll forget you’re even working.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Our 5-Point Base with dual castors gives greater stability and strength over common 4-Point, single castor chairs. And our strong iron base makes this heavy-duty office chair ideal for adults up to 275 lb. We also give a set of blade wheels – smooth as silk on hardwood.
  • SUPER-LOUNGE RECLINE: Settle back, because you have up to 135° of tilt to keep you in the perfect position for your next task, or to simply lounge back and admire how smart you are for finding such a remarkable ergonomic chair. Try the Ergo3D and feel the difference it makes to your life.


  • Steelcase's #1 best-selling, ergonomic office chair featuring patented technology in the seat and back proven to increase productivity
  • Leap's LiveBack changes shape to mimic the movement of the spine and supports your body as you move
  • 4-way adjustable arms move in height, width, depth and pivot to better support the neck and shoulders
  • Natural Glide System technology enables you to comfortably recline while keeping your body aligned with your work so as not to strain your eyes, neck, or arms
  • Weight tested and warranted up to 300 lbs. with no loss of performance

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