What Should I Look For In An Office Chair For Short People

What Should I Look For In An Office Chair For Short People?

Most chairs will accommodate a range of body sizes. For people who are petite or short in stature (under 5’3” for women and under 5’8” for men), the design of their office chair is exacerbating their existing aches and pains.

We review all the important factors that short people need to consider when looking for an ergonomic office chair and then list the top-rated office chairs that are suitable for short people. All of these chairs were chosen to best match short people’s needs, from seat depth, height, and seat pan width.

Most Important Feature To Consider In An Office Chair For Short People

For shorter or smaller individuals, the selection of chairs is severely limited. The one thing that you must remember when you are petite is how to adjust yourself. keep reading to see what signs to look for in a good chair for short people.

Seat Height.

The average office chair has a seat height range from 18”-22”. When purchasing chairs, ensure that they are the kind that can be lowered to 18″ or even lower. Seat depth is not nearly as important as seat height for short people since they can use a footrest if the chair isn’t low enough.

Sit in the chair and measure the distance from the seat pan to the backs of your knees. Always make sure you take into account the thickness of your shoes when performing measurements.

Seat Depth.

If a chair’s seat pan is too deep, then it is difficult for short people to rest their legs on the floor, which can probably make circulation problems for them.

For shorter people, we suggest seats with a depth under 18”. This scope should also be adjustable to customize to one’s personal needs.

To calculate ideal seating depth for yourself, measure the distance between the buttocks and your inner thighs. Your knees should be placed at least two inches from the seat of the chair. The best seat depth places the space for the hips and thighs away from the edge of the seat to protect circulation.


The chair’s armrests should be fully adjustable so that they can be easily adjusted to all body sizes and shapes. Make sure they are well padded so you can have a comfortable experience The hard armrests can cause ulnar nerve irritation in the elbow bones, causing cubital tunnel syndrome.

With preparation and effort, the following are the best office chairs suitable for short people which fulfill most if not all of the criteria.

Back height and forward-leaning.

The backrest should be easily adjustable in height to meet your needs. Ideally, the reclining feature should allow you to tilt forward so that you can sit comfortably without putting pressure on your lower back.

Back support.

Your seat should provide lumbar support for the lower back. If you want the lumbar support to be fully effective, you must ensure it meets your back fully.

Best Office Chair For Short People

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

It is quite unusual that a chair is available in three different sizes to meet all different body sizes. Then again, we’re discussing the Aeron chair, the pinnacle of ergonomic comfort and aesthetics.

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The Aeron has three sizes, with the smallest being size A. Size A has a height range of 15-19″, so it is best for someone who is between 4’10-5’9″ and weighs 90-150 lbs. This is a great range for shorter employees at a discount price. 

If you’re bigger than the size mentioned above, go for Size B instead. The user is supported in many positions while sitting, whether leaning to one side or some other. 

The recliner chair features an adjustable seat and backrest, providing eight “latitudinal zones” of varying tension to hold you when seated, as well as seat angle adjustment and a tilt limiter. No matter how short you are, this chair can provide you with enough back support.

The Aeron features adjustable individual seats that can lower for small people and provide lumbar support while still maintaining the natural forward tilt of your pelvis. The result is a more comfortable and more supportive seating position. 

One user found that these individual pads provided an improved level of comfort and he is satisfied with the result. There are a variety of special add-ons that are beneficial to shorter people included with the seat. 

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Upholstered foam arm pads are adjustable; they may be adjusted to different settings. A mesh chair back disperses air equally, so your body will never be too warm.

All the comfort and top-tier design feature also come at a high cost. Some might find the chair’s price point too high, but the chair’s manufacturer offers a 12-year warranty. If you are petite and seeking holistic comfort, then you’ll keep this chair for years.


For a short person, there are additional concerns about the level of comfort when choosing an office chair. Remember, you’ll likely be spending 8 hours in your seat, so find out what measurements work best for you. It takes a bit more research, but you can find a chair that will suit your needs and not hurt your back.

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