Best Office Chair For Short Person With Back Pain

What Is The Best Office Chair For Short Person With Back Pain

As a short man, you undoubtedly already know the difficulty to find the best office chair for short person with back pain. This is a more common problem than you thought.

Usually, furniture is designed for average person sizes, and if you’re a shorter person, you can not feel comfortable sitting particularly when it comes to prolonged sitting hours.

Several researchers have found that inappropriate office chairs will account for numerous back pain problems. If you’re on the shorter side, you might have noticed the pain of sitting in a standard office chair.

And, since you’re the most efficient when sitting on a great piece of your day, imagine what you’re going to have to miss when a chair is cramped.

 You can feel stress, and you won’t get the job done right. It’s not your fault, either. It’s because a lot of seats are built for average people.

In this guide, we take a look at all the essential ergonomic aspects that short men need to think about while selecting an office chair followed by a detailed selection of the best office chair for a little person. 

Most of these chairs are correctly sized in key ways that make all the difference for tiny people, from seat depth, height, to seat width.

What Is The Best Office Chair For Short People With Back Pain?

Here are the best options in 2023:

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

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If you’re looking for a comfortable office chair that will really contribute to your physical fitness and efficiency, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the best choice to consider.

Since the introduction of the brand more than 20 years ago, the company has worked to continually develop its products to adapt to modern working environments.

This particular chair is made of recycled material and is sold in four colors. It also has a tilting controller that allows you to choose between three settings for your stance.

The tension control function controls how much effort you need to recline quickly, and you can change the angle of the seat by either choosing neutral or engaged.

One of the key advantages of this chair is the two pads that can be flexed individually to protect both the sacral and lumbar regions of the body. The chair boasts unmatched technology and encourages a seamless balance of motion.

Many of the people who purchased the chair say it’s worth every cent. Performance is top-notch, and if you’ve got the right settings, you have a chair that’s suited to your body.


  • Forward tilt ability
  • High tech fabric and mesh 
  • Made of 53% recycled materials


  • Seat depth not adjustable

Rimiking Home Office Modern Ergonomic Chair

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With a compact, modern profile and fine linen upholstery, Rimiking has built a modern, beautiful job chair that might not win any awards, but is specially tailored to small people.

The height scale can be changed as low as 14.5,” meaning there should be no complications with the legs falling off the floor even without heels! Although the seat depth is not adjustable, since it is just 17.3,”

 it helps to support good posture in small frames. One user claims that the chair is incredibly comfortable and small enough for her tiny desk, unlike all the other chairs she’s tried.

This chair provides a wide range of motion with a 360-degree swivel capability. When combined with sturdy casters and lower seat height, it facilitates multi-tasking and seamless mobility from one work area to another. 

Unfortunately, there is not much in the form of other modifications, such as backrest tilting or recline. A short person searching for simple-forward comfort to complete specific tasks will find that they are secured by this chair.


  • Chair lowers to an incredible 14.5″
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  •  warm fabric upholstery


  • No armrests

Amazon Basics Low-Back, Upholstered Mesh Chair

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You don’t have to spend a bunch getting an office chair perfect for narrow users, and this chair from AmazonBasics confirms it.

The mesh-backed chair will accommodate up to 225 lbs. The mesh chair back allows for greater ventilation and measures 16.1″ wide by 14.9″ tall, which can offer outstanding mid-back relief for most people.

The seat cushion has a 2-inch foam layer, 16.1″ wide and 14.9″ tall. You will find that the foam used is slightly firm at first, but it encircles you well over time.

Since this chair is at a cheaper price, you can find that it does not incorporate the same amount of ergonomic adjustability as other more pricey office chairs provide.

Also with this chair, you would be limited to height adjustments. It raises and lowers from 16.7″ to 21.2″ off the floor through the pneumatic handle under the seat cushion.

You’ll find that when you sit back in this chair, it doesn’t move. This is a stationary chair, and the back angle is fixed. The real seating posture is also extremely comfortable, even though it has no arms on it.


  • Breathable mesh backing.
  • 4.5-inch Height adjustability.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The chair back position is fixed.

Steelcase Amia Fabric Office Chair

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If you’re tiny, you’re going to love the Steelcase Amia task chair. This chair is worth the price you pay for it regardless of the apparent reasons for it – its high quality. Similar to the little office chairs of Staples, Amia has a lot to offer.

Thanks to the beautiful Steelcase design of the model and its good frame, you can rely on the fact that it can survive a lot of beatings. Also, we should note that it comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can completely rely on it. 

You should also note that the unit can withstand a total of 300 lbs. There are many color options to pick from, all of them will help you customize your home office. Also, the materials used in the upholstery of the chair are smooth and comfortable to the touch.

There are many other choices for adjustability in terms of comfort. You can move the arms to meet your needs and embrace the flexible edge of your table. This decreases strain on the back for longer use.


  • Adjustable arms
  •  Flexible seat
  •  Comfy for extended use


  • Not breathable

Boss Office Perfect Posture Chair

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If you’re looking for a great ergonomic chair for small people, the items from Boss Office Fabric would make you feel absolutely happy. This company has been known for its high-quality fabrics with a range of optimized features to give consumers the most relaxed feel.

 Also, the capacity of this chair is 250 pounds, with a lightweight build and simple installation, making it the perfect office chair for short workers.

I also like the style in which the seat cushion and the back frame are covered with sturdy fabric to improve softness and comfort. Since these fibers have a sturdy nature, they can absorb sweat effectively to extract moisture from clothes.

In my opinion, the designer must design additional front edge pads to improve softness. This model is also built with a lumbar that protects the spine.

 a lower back for consumers and a waterfall seat design that does not restrict the movement of blood on the customer’s legs.

Depending on the height and the width of the chair you choose, you can change the back frame simply by placing pressure on it. The maker has also given two adjustable knobs to alter the height of the chair or armrest.

Not just that, the company also releases a range of different versions to make it suitable for small and stout persons with loop arms and without armchairs. 

A selection of colors is also a wonderful thing that the chair has to bring because we can pick the colors we like, including black, brown, burgundy, camo, and gray.


  • padded with thick cushions
  • Providing lumbar support
  • designed with durable tweed fabric
  • fully flexible options


  • The front edge has less material filled in

SitRite Ergonomic Desk Chair

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The seat is sliding back and forth, and the height is flexible, making it helpful to guarantee that the feet can hit the ground correctly and remain flat.

The extra detachable footrest is a huge advantage for small people with this chair. If you have trouble touching the floor without losing the 90-degree tilt, there is a detachable footrest that is fixed to the front legs of the chair.

 This allows the footrest to be lifted by a few centimeters, making it easy to reach. The style is fully built for shorter individuals. so the placement of additional cushions and support padding would provide the perfect foundation for your back without needing to slip around.

The rounded armrests provide extra protection for the arms and elbow joints to ensure that they fit with the rest of the body. More than we forget that our arms need to be perfectly positioned, and this chair helps to protect the body’s calibration.

These armrests are built to be at an ideal height for shorter adults, thus providing protection and stability for the arms to align properly. 

There’s no doubt that this SitRite Ergonomic Kids Chair is the number one choice for the best office chair for a small person with back pain.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

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The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair features a modern and sleek style that suits the shape of your body. Its proprietary LiveBack technology helps sustain your spine and adjusts shape to impersonate your spine movement.

The seat height of the Leap can be modified, has a flexible back, interchangeable arms, and optimum lumbar support. In addition to a wide variety of adjustability capabilities, the chair also encourages convenience and productivity when operating for longer periods.

The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair has received excellent feedback, with most consumers focusing on its superior consistency, convenience, versatility, and adjustability. 

Most people have discussed how convenient the chair is when it comes to working hours in the end. Many buyers had problems with the consistency of the fabrics and said the seat was too thin and painful. However, the bulk of the reviews were positive.

Steelcase Office Chair

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We’ve found that the Steelcase Leap v2 chair is a candidate for almost every “best of” list we’re making, but I was also a little shocked when I found that the Leap v2 is still a perfect choice for short and small people. 

You want to make sure that you switch to the four-way adjustable arms to confirm that you can take advantage of the vast spectrum of Leap v2 arms change.

The Leap v2 has a low minimum seat height of 15.5 inches and the seat depth adjustment causes the seat depth to be as minimal as 15.7 inches. You’ve still got a good arm height range of 7 to 11 inches and a wide width change range of 12.75 to 20 inches.

One more explanation for this is that Leap v2 has a lot of adjustabilities. This is one of the most adjustable chairs you’ll find. It comes with a synchro-tilt mechanism, various lock locations, and two-way adjustable lumbar support. 

The lumbar height range is wide, which is another advantage for short-lived individuals. The lumbar is near to the bottom of the backrest.

On top of the great sizing specifications and the massive amount of adjustability, the Leap v2 offers decent build quality and one of the best warranties in the industry. You are sure to get one of the best seats in the world for at least twelve years.

Steelcase Amia Task Chair

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Being short doesn’t always mean you’re small. If you’re plagued by obesity, even if you’re slim because you’re practicing a lot, try those heavy-duty chairs that weigh up to 300 lbs.

Apart from the high weight capacity, these chairs are fitted with many ergonomic designs that keep you relaxed during long sitting hours. The LiveBack function contours your spine curvature and is helpful as you vary your role.

Also, the adjustable edge of the seat is ideal for minimizing leg discomfort from continuous sedentary hours. It can even reduce the strain on your back while you’re reclining. More interestingly, the width of the seat is adjustable. 

This helps you to find the most comfortable seat depth to accommodate your thighs. The seat height, of course, is adjustable down to 16′′, but you won’t suffer from low airflow as you place your feet on the base of the chair.

Also, the armrests are completely flexible in four ways: up and down, back and forth. Such ultimate adjustability is difficult to find on most seats.


  • Livelumbar technology
  •  perfect seat height
  • Armrests adjust 4 ways
  • Offers a 10-year warranty


  • expensive than other chairs

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

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Sidiz reports that one T50 chair is sold every 1.3 minutes. IBM’s favorite fan, the T50 provides a completely ergonomic design, completely customizable features that help people with smaller bodies, and better value for money.

 In reality, Sidiz has made our list of one of the best alternatives for the Aeron Chair. The Sidiz T50 is the only chair on this list to support forward tilting other than the Herman Miller Aeron.

 In addition to the waterfall seat tip, this helps significantly to ease the strain under the thighs and hips when sitting. One user who has constant back pain still credits the forward tilting feature to relieve his lower back pain.

The adjustable seat depth on the Sidiz T50 is another welcome version for people with shorter legs. It should be adjusted to a depth of 18.3′′, which should be suitable for most people in the 5 feet region to keep the seat edge from being cut off from circulation.

Overall, the Sidiz T50 is an outstanding mid-range ergonomic chair for short users. The fabric may not be a cup of tea for everybody, and the seat cushion is a little hard. However, it is an outstanding alternative for a mild sitting.


  • 3-way adjustable arms
  • Adjustable seat depth 
  • forward tilting
  • Breathable mesh back


  • Seat padding on the thin side

Modway Thrive Drafting Chair

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If you want to use a standing style desk in your office, this Modway drafting chair might be the best fit. This drafting chair has a very unusual shape that flows back out of its nylon molded armrests to its mesh-covered back support.

At its highest point, the real chairback is 17.5″ tall. It rises in the center of your back and is 13″ tall. You’ll find a touch of passive lumbar support when sitting back in this chair, due to the upholstery used.

The overall design of the back leads to a more upright sitting posture. In reality, this drafting chair is intended for use with stand-up desks. Stand-up desks are typically taller than the regular desk.

With this drafting seat, you can have a wide range of height adjustment from 22″ to 29.5.” Although you may probably be sitting way above the ground, you could be concerned that your feet might not be able to hit the ground.

The foot ring can be changed from 9″ to 14″ off the surface. Then the 18″ wide and 16″ deep seat cushion is densely padded and wrapped in mesh. This isn’t the softest seat we’ve been sitting on, but it’s still reasonably comfortable for a long period.

Thanks to the footrest, the seatback, and the armrest configurations used on this chair. We think it’s worth exploring if you’re using a standing desk.


  • Perfect for stand-up desks.
  • 7.5-inch height adjustability.
  • Able to hold up to 331lbs.


  • Passive lumbar support could be more robust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best office chair for a short person?

Steelcase Amia Task Chair is the best office chair for a short person. The Amia delivers an immense amount of ergonomic adjustability that can make you feel pain-free and active all day long. You can lift and lower the seat height by 4 inches, making this chair ideal for a wide range of individuals. The armrests provide the right amount of padding while allowing adjustment in height, width, and even pivot.

What type of office chair is best for lower back pain?

An ergonomic office chair is best for lower back pain. But with an ergonomic office chair a healthy diet, reducing stress, and getting adequate sleep are some of the much more important things doctors recommend for addressing back pain at its roots.

How do I choose a chair for back pain?

Before purchasing any office chairs for your business, you should equip the bits of information of their characteristics to choose the right one. Nowadays, manufacturers have provided a range of office chairs with diverse styles, brands, shapes, colors, fabrics, etc.

Can a bad office chair cause back pain?

Yes, a bad office chair can cause back pain. Being uncomfortable over time, bad sitting posture, and ergonomics in the workplace can harm spinal systems and lead to chronic back pain.

What is the best chair for sitting at a computer all day?

Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the best chair for sitting at a computer all day. This particular chair is made of recycled material and is sold in four colors. It also has a tilting controller that allows you to choose between three settings for your stance. The tension control function controls how much effort you need to recline quickly, and you can change the angle of the seat by either choosing neutral or engaged.

Are mesh office chairs better?

Yes, Mesh office chairs are best when it comes to proper support. They’re adjustable, and the curve at the back helps maintain good posture without hurting your neck or back. Employees can adjust these chairs according to their comfort whenever they want.


When you spend too much time sitting around, it’s important to find a solution that fits your body shape. Be sure you choose solutions that can hold your back supported, work for the natural curve of your spine, and be flexible to suit your unique height range requirements.

Also, many shorter people can find comfort in the best armless office chairs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re short or small at the end of the day. The only thing that matters when you find the perfect office chair for a small person with back problems is to find the right office chair to meet your needs.

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