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How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever Very Easy Method

You can find a lot of styles and models for office chairs. Mostly, these chairs are designed to preserve comfort and ease of view. For people to sit all day and work with concentration, these seats must be very convenient and comfortable. There are so many aspects that make it ideal for anyone, and one key factor is its height adjustability.

If the office chairs are flexible, various people will reshape them according to their position. Depending on their comfort, the height could be lowered or increased. A lot of chairs come with built-in levers to change the height.

But what if there’s no lever in the chair or the lever is broken? This post will find a way to raise an office chair without a lever lift, even if the lever is not in place or not working correctly.

Why Do We Need To Lift The Chair?

 If the chair is lower than the height of the table, or the person is short in height, you might need to lift the chair to get it to a suitable position.

Other than that, if you’re already seated on a short heightened chair, you might get back pain, your balance might be disturbed, you might have to lean on the table, and several other problems might emerge.

But it’s easier to change the height than to get pressure in the neck or back along with a poor posture. Since you spend most of your time in the workplace, sitting on the chair.

How to Raise Office Chair Without Lever?

raise office chair without lever easy steps

If you’re curious how to lift the height of a chair that doesn’t have a lever, we’re going through the process step by step to make it clear and doable.

Measure the distance

Measure the distance office chair and desk - How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever Very Easy Method - ChairPicks

Identify the height you like if you’re at ease. You should check whether your legs are standing flat on the floor and look out at the location of your knee. If it’s above your hips, your stance isn’t perfect, and you need to change it. Measure the present height.

And measure the distance between the knees and the ground in a stable position. Note all lengths and measure the gap. That will be the height at which your chair has to be lifted.

Detach the seat

Detach the office chair

Now, to change the height, you’re going to have to remove the seat from the rim. You need to put it upside down to do that. With the aid of a screwdriver, open the screws of the chair. To not ruin the cushioning of your bench, you should use a sheet or an old towel to protect it.

The screws of the seats, which are connected to the back, depending on the models and the labels. Most of them have a general form of screw mounting. With the aid of the Allen wrench or screwdriver, you can open them quickly.

Usage of wooden pieces

Usage of wooden pieces - How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever Very Easy Method - ChairPicks

You may use wooden parts to increase the height to a couple of inches. You’re going to have to put the bits between the bench and the bottom of the chair. You’re going to have to use a drill to make a hole in a piece of wood.

It is advised that you use a 2×2 inch board for a firmer grip. Then you’ve got to pass long screws and nuts into the holes. The number of woods depends on the number of screws on the chair.

You should put the wooden pieces between the cushion and the bottom of the seat. You have to connect the seatback to it after changing it. This is going to help you lift the chair to a few inches.

This approach would take a little more effort and more energy. As it entails firmly cutting and rebinding screws. It is also advised that you take the support of a specialist if you doubt it.

By threaded post

threaded post office chair

If you need to lift it a little higher, you will need to check if your chair has a threaded post for height change. That’s why you ought to lubricate the threaded post by turning the chair upside down.

You need to strip the excess oil to save your clothing and cushion from being dirty. That’s just going to clear up the mud and the debris trapped in it. That dirt is also in the way of changing the height of the chair with a threaded post.

Protect the foundation with your feet to keep it from going left or right. Then you’ve got to shift it in the anticlockwise direction to raise its height. If you want to lower the height, you can move it in the clockwise direction. Continue to turn until you reach the target height.

When you see the gap in height, you need to lean on the chair to see if it’s the exact height you’re looking for. Don’t rush to patch it. It could waste your whole effort, and you’re going to have to replay the entire thing.

You can keep on spinning if you’re not happy with the height. Each spin raises the height to roughly 1/4 of an inch. By this measure, if you want to lift the chair to 2 inches, you would have to rotate it at least eight times in the anticlockwise direction.

This method is reasonably straightforward, but your chair must have a threaded post for this to be achieved. If it doesn’t have that, you’re going to have to use wooden parts to lift it to an estimated height.

If your chair has a handle, that’s terrific. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to sit uncomfortably. These tips are the ultimate office chair risers, and you’ll be able to lift your office chair without a lever.

How To Raise Non-adjustable Office Chairs

What if your chair cannot be lifted or lowered by default, but you really need to change the height to suit your desk?

It’s a call to stir up your imaginative juices!

We’re going to share with you a few tricks that you can follow to resolve the height problem on your office chair.


If your office chair is short of height, one of the best ways to increase height is by using seat cushions.

You can use anything from a random throw pillow lying on your sofa to a fancy foam cushion with anti-skid pads.

What’s crucial is that you get the perfect seat height for your seat cushion. This seat cushion from ComfiLife is recommended.

814RFvGZTpL. AC SL1500 - How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever Very Easy Method - ChairPicks

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It has an orthopedic memory foam pad that brings height to the seat and helps avoid back pain. Plus, it has anti-skid cushions like the fancy foam pillow we’ve described!

How To Raise Office Chair If Lever Is Damaged/Missing

What if your office chair is pneumatic, but the lever is broken or missing for whatever cause!

The only thing you can do is take your office chair to the closest furniture repair shop and ask them to patch it for you. But if you’re a little handy on your own, there are few things you can do to fix this dilemma right at home.

Lever Replacement

If you want a more lasting repair, you’ll need to replace the missing lever. If you’re on the internet and looking for a replacement lever, the possibilities are you won’t find what you need.

This is because the office chair adjuster levers are not typically sold individually. You’ll need to buy a new office chair mechanism with a lever like this one from ChairPartsOnline.

71O5ZbYAXUL. AC SL1500 - How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever Very Easy Method - ChairPicks

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When your new mechanism comes in the package, the next move will replace the old one. When this fix is complete, your office chair will be back in the game! You’re going to be able to lift and lower it with just a click of the trigger.


Appropriate sitting posture avoids the chance of experiencing back pain or pinched nerves. To remain relaxed and keep your back in good shape, you need to know how to raise an office chair. In this post, we’ve shown you with simple steps just how simple it is.

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