Best Sectional Couch Covers

Best Sectional Couch Covers For Great Look In 2023

Best sectional couch covers are designed to protect your couches from dust and stain. As you know, dirty sofas are harder to clean so, it will provide an extra protection layer to prevent it from damage and dirtying your couch. 

Sofa slipcovers are used as an outer layer so, they are easy to remove and wash.

Sectional couches are versatile furniture items that are great to keep in your living room to snug fit individuals in your living room.

What separates sectional couches from traditional couches is that they consist of multiple individual parts that can be placed in different placements.

The ability to optimize room and usage is the most sought after feature of these sectional couches. To provide seats while optimizing floor space, the pieces can be used individually or together.

You should find something that would complement the latter in terms of looks and functionality to get the top-rated couch covers for sectionals for your beloved sectional couch.

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Here is a list of Top 3 best couch covers for sectionals

Best Sectional Couch Covers Reviews

Paulato Corner Sofa Slipcover With Soft Polyester Fabric

Best l-shaped couch covers for sectionals

sectional couch covers

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This beautiful design sectional couch cover is designed by Paulato. This corner sofa cover is made in Italy, and it is certified by the GLOBAL FABRIC SAFETY STANDARD.

This sectional sofa slipcover is a single-piece cover, and it fits on small and large size sectional sofas. It is made of patented stretch bi-elastic fabric. It fitting size is 135″ – 208″ wide.

This corner couch cover is сertified by Oeko-Tex 100. This slipcover is HYPOALLERGENIC, sanitized, and skin-friendly. It is ideal for homes with children and pets or anyone seeking an economical solution for furniture protection.

Antimicrobial-treated fabric is proven to resist the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and mold that can cause staining, bad odors, premature material degradation, and even illness.

This slipcover is also featured with Anti-claw that prevent your cats and dogs to scratch your beautiful looking sectional sofas.

This sectional slipcover has elastic straps with buckles that are attached under the corner sofa will hold the slipcover in its place. Anti-slip cardboards are also included to prevent it from sliding.

This sectional couch cover is easy to install. The installation guide is provided inside the slipcover box. This slipcover is machine washable use cold water and detergent for machine washing.

Last but not least, This slipcover comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this corner couch cover, you will get your money back.

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Sung Fit Friheten Slipcover for The IKEA Friheten with Chaise Corner Cover

Best 3 piece sectional covers

fitted sectional couch covers

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This sectional sofa slipcover is designed by MasterofCovers.

This slipcover is fit on Left and Right sectional sofa. It has a total of 11 individual pieces: 3 back cushion covers, 2 seat cushion covers, 1 sofa main covers, 2 chaise covers and 2 armrest covers,1 piece for bed compartment.

Although this sectional cover is in 11 pieces, you need to disassemble the sectional sofa to install it. Without disassemble, you can not change the cover.

This slipcover is available in Navy Blur color. It is made of thick polyester fabric, which is hygienic and skin-friendly. This slipcover is suitable for homes with small children.

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Deep Dream Sectional Sofa Covers, Velvet Sofa Slipcover Furniture Protector Anti-Slip Couch Covers

Best Budget Sectional Couch Slipcover

sectional couch covers for pets

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This budget sectional sofa slipcover is designed by Deep Dream. It has 700+ positive ratings on Amazon.

This slipcover is made of premium crystal velvet fabric and silicone anti-skid particles that make this sectional sofa cover more comfortable, high elastic, breathable, and durable. The back of the non-slip couch cover is designed with anti-slip silicon rubber to help prevent sliding.

This slipcover is hair and stain-resistant. It will protect your sectional couch cover from spills, stains, pet hairs, damage, and dust. This is ideal for homes with children and pets. It will spruce up your living room standard and leave a strong impression on your guests.

This slipcover is easy to install and machine washable. Just cover your sectional sofa with this slipcover, and that’s it. Your beautiful sectional sofa is protected now. For washing in a machine, use cold water and regular detergent. Do not use bleach.

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LA MEACK Sectional Couch Covers 2-Piece, L-Shaped Sofa Covers Reversible Sofa Cover

Best l-shaped couch covers

sectional couch covers cheap

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This 2 piece sectional couch cover is designed by LA MEACK. It is featured by Amazon under the Amazon choice category.

This slipcover is available in 4 beautiful colors that are ready to turn your couch into a new look. Black, coffee, dark grey and navy is one of them.

This slipcover is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It will give you a very soft touch and good elasticity. It will easily fit on your big sectional couch. As the fabric is too silky, therefore NOT recommended for use on smooth leather furniture.

This slipcover is suitable for corner or L-shape sofas. This slipcover is available in 2 pieces (3 seaters + 3 seaters). The actual length for this sofa cover is 180 cm-230 cm. Before buy this couch slipcover must take proper measurements.

This slipcover is just not only stretchy, but it is anti-wrinkle and anti bite as well. It will provide you a long-lasting experience with a beautiful look.

This slipcover is easy to install the installation guide is provided inside the box. This slipcover is easy to wash as well for washing in a machine, use cold water and regular detergent.

This slipcover has no money-back guarantee, but if you face any problem with LA MEACK Sectional Couch Cover contact customer service support they will solve your problem within 24 hours.

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Thick Cotton Ektorp 2 2 Sofa Cover Replacement is Custom Made

Best slipcover for sectional with attached cushions

slipcover for sectional with attached cushions

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This is a custom made sectional or corner couch slipcover with attached cushions. It has 50+ positive ratings on Amazon.

This slipcover is made of high-quality cotton material. This sofa cover compatible with Ikea Ektorp 2 2 slipcovers ( Ektorp sectional slipcover). Its package contains 12 pieces (1 sofa cover + 11 cushion covers). Its manufacturers especially test this replacement sofa cover for its high quality and durability. They found it very durable during their tests.

The color of this couch cover is polyester flax and it is a bit different from IKEA’s.

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Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover L Shape Sofa Cover Sectional Couch Cover

Best L-Shape Sofa Cover

easy fit sectional couch covers

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This L-Shape Sofa Cover is made by Easy-Going. It has 3000+ positive reviews on Amazon and also it is featured by Amazon under the Amazon Choice category.

It is available in 3 different sizes and 20 colors to provide you the best sitting experience and by using these slipcovers your sectional couches will look more decent and new. This slipcover is suitable for both L-shape Left or Right couches.

This slipcover is made of high-quality texture and microfiber material. This slipcover is water-resistant. This slipcover is a two-sided slipcover you can use it from both sides. Both sides have the same color and pattern.

This is a non-slip sectional couch cover. There are 5 foam pipes, which insert the foam pipes into the space between the armrest and seat part, between the back and seat part to stay in place better.

It’s a great choice for homes with children and pets. It will protect your furniture from daily wear and tear, spills, and stains. Its water-resistant feature will protect it from water drops.

It is easy to install, the installation guide is available inside the box. This is machine washable. For machine wash use cold water and regular laundry detergent. Do not use bleach.

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OstepDecor Quilted Sectional Couch Covers, Velvet Sofa Slipcover for Dogs Cats

Best Quilted Couch Covers for Sectionals

sectional couch covers with recliners

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This Quilted Sectional Couch Cover is designed by OstepDecor. It has 800+ positive reviews on Amazon.

It does not only look premium, it feels premium as well. It’s dense and thick. It will provide high quality and resilient protection to your favorite couch.

It is super soft and cozy despite its weighty appearance. It’s so smooth and cozy that you might even prefer it to the fabric of your sofa.

The cool coffee-colored velvet fabric looks very luxurious and soft to the touch and like other fabrics, it’s also not a lure for pet hair and fur. The quilted style gives it a premium appearance that helps highlight your living room furniture.

It also features an anti-slip back that guarantees that the cover during use does not slip. Compared to designs using straps, this feature offers a firmer grip.

It’s easy to install OstepDecor covers to your sofa. It is specifically meant for sectional couches, because the fabric cover sticks with the piece it is connected to, regardless of whether you remove the parts independently.

It is also compatible with both couches made of fabric and leather, giving you a better choice. It is also easy to clean and completely machine washable.

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TEWENE Anti-Slip Sofa Slipcover for Dogs Cats

Best Anti-Slip Sectional Couch Cover

slipcover for leather sectional sofa

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This anti-slip sectional couch cover is designed by Tewene. It has 1300+ positive reviews on Amazon.

This Sectional Couch Cover may be disappointed you for the first time. You may think it would feel stiff and somewhat awkward at first sight, but a soft and relaxed fabric that’s smooth to the touch lies beyond its basket weave-like shape.

In a bright grey color that could comfortably match most dark and light sofa colors, the patterned style also looks fantastic.

This sectional sofa cover is sold in a piece, not in a set. This is the biggest disadvantage because you need to pay for each piece.

The rectangular couch cover is 36″ x 63″ in dimension, while the armrest and backrest cover are 28″ x 28″ in size in a package of 2. However, for the backrest cover, you might use another rectangular couch cover as an option.

To provide it a sleek and soft touch, it is made of the high-quality fabric mixed with velvet. This does not accumulate pet hair and fur quickly, unlike other fabrics, so it will still look clean and tidy.

Thanks to its basketweave-like design and edge wrapping technology, the TEWENE is dense and sturdy. It can be cleaned and maintained quickly. It appears strong and looks fresh after cleaning due to its strengthened corner stitching.

To hold the couch cover properly in place, a non-slip backing feature using small silicone dots are designed. With its printing and dyeing process, TEWENE is environmentally friendly for environmentally-minded persons.

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