Are you looking for slipcovers for sofas with loose back cushions? you are in the right place.

Most people want to buy sofa slipcovers but they actually don’t know where they can buy the best slipcover for their sofa.

Your best sofa could easily be destroyed by a little kid, a pet, or even by you if you’re not careful.

Before sofa slipcovers, a lot of people are facing the same problem but they have no solution.

As time passed they tried different techniques to protect their sofas, and they found a nice solution that is today known as Sofa Slipcover or Slipcover for Sofa.

I have made a selection of Best Slipcovers for Sofas with Loose Back Cushions for you.

You can use these loose back cushion slipcovers to update your living room and to protect your beloved sofa and the amazing thing is these sofa slipcovers won’t cost you a lot of money.

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Here is a list of Top 3 Slipcovers for Sofas with Loose Back Cushions

Slipcovers for Sofas with Loose Back Cushions: Review

Best overall: Custom made 3 seats Loose back cushion sofa slipcover

This is a custom made sofa slipcover. It will be made according to your size and demands.

On Amazon, it has around 50+ positive reviews. This slipcover is in light grey color. 

If you need other colors there are 5 more colors available on the Amazon shop.

It is made with cotton fabric that will make your sofa more attractive as well as it will save your loose back cushion sofa from dust and pet hairs.

Best Budget: AUJOY Couch Cover with Anti-Slip Foams

This sofa slipcover is designed by AUJOY. It has 1200+ positive reviews on Amazon.

This slipcover is available in 4 different sizes and it is designed for 3 cushion couches.

It is available in 9 different colors, like Grey, Black, Blackish Green, Dark coffee and so on.

Made off with 85% Polyester 15% Spandex fabric to provide you a Breathable, comfortable, and skin-friendly features.

This modern design sofa cover is perfectly fit with different design living room decors.

This high stretchable slipcover is more fitted, more flexible, and more wrinkle-resistant, giving your sofa a new look. 

The Non-straps design of the elastic band is adopted to wrap the bottom, more convenient to pull and expand for disassembling.

This is a Non-slip sofa slipcover. Anti-slip foam rods are provided to insert into the seat gaps to make the sofa protector stay in place, giving you a more comfortable experience.

This couch slipcover is perfectly fit on a chair (31-46”), Loveseat (55-69”), Sofa (71-91”), XL Sofa (91-110”).

Best Runners up: NICEEC Sofa Slipcover with Skirt Country Style

This sofa cover is designed by NICEEC Store. It has 1400+ positive reviews on Amazon.

It is made off with 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex which makes it more stretchy and durable loose back cushion sofa slipcover. 

This stretchable and comfortable couch cover with an elegant skirt give your home a fresh look.

Due to its unique elastic fabric, it is easily fit on various types of couches.

An anti-slip foam roller prevents the couch covers for the sofa from slipping off.

Elastic cord can easily adjust the position of the sofa slipcovers skirt.

This living room sofa slipcover protects your sofa from daily wear, pet hair, and stains.

Its non-allergic fabric is perfect for homes with children and pets.

It will be quicker-drying than ordinary fabric after machine-wash.

This slipcover is available for armchair, loveseat, and sofa, so before purchasing double-check the selected option.

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